Bryan Sansom's Portfolio Part 1: Music (Scroll down for Post Production)

The Gothic Suite

Captured in a chapel in Salt Lake City, the pipe organ was played by Marc Madsen.
Bryan set up a surround array of microphones to capture as much of the natural space as possible.

Omen by Artemis Empire

Bryan was contacted by the guitar player of the band because he trusted Bryan's ear.
Bryan produced, tracked and mixed the Artemis Empire debut EP.
Assistant Engineer Trevor Van Soolen.

Not So Bad by Artemis Empire

The powerful emotions evoked by Stacy were no easy task to capture.
Bryan was able to work with her and explain to her the importance of the emotional connection and got Stacy to deliver a phenomenal performance.

4 Loko Sampler contributing artists Tefflon, Sum Buddie and CriStalz

This is an edit of the full performance.
Bryan Sansom and Trevor Van Soolen's efforts to enhance the lyrical performances are noticed in the depth of the Mix.
Tracked, mixed and mastered by Bryan Sansom and Trevor Van Soolen.

The Anthem by Victim Effect

Victim Effect took the Hard Rock and Metal scenes by storm in 2006.
The band played on various stages such as Warped Tour and The Taste of Chaos. Victim Effect won the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands in 2007
Bryan managed the band as well as co-wrote some of their music.
Late into the night while the band had some time off Bryan, Greg and Micah came up with a riff that developed into an idea.
Bryan still has the original recording that became The Anthem

Indian Charm, Love Song by Bryan Sansom

While Bryan is known to write lots of Hard Rock and Metal but after watching the movie The Darjeeling Limited he decided to plug in his acoustic guitar and began experimenting with the sound. With the use of Auto Tune on his guitar he came up with this almost Sitar feeling jam.

Rain Cloud Romance by Star-Off

The Album Pocket Aces was Star-Off's inaugural effort.
Captured in many different studios the guitarist Brad came to Bryan on a recommendation of a mutual friend.
Bryan mixed and mastered the album. This song is one of the more musically diverse on the album.

Lullaby # 7 by Star-Off

reminiscent of something from That Thing You Do!
This piece shows off some variations to Bryan's mixing abilities.

Honey So Sweet by David Fyffe (Featuring Amanda Mourier)

David Fyffe was relentless in demanding for Bryan to Master his album Eternity.
Bryan and David came to an agreement and Bryan dove into mastering. This is one of Bryan's personal favorite's from the album.
Many mastering techniques were employed in the mastering of this alum.
Bryan used a lot of Mid-Side processing to create the desired effect David wanted.

Real Time by Sojourn

When Dane Spencer approached Bryan Sansom about mastering an album that had been recorded back in the 90's Bryan was ecstatic.
Bryan got his good friend Trevor and the duo began the task of not only mastering the album but restoring it as well.

Never Again by Celeste Hunter

When the director and producer of the music video asked for a remix of the song, Bryan was the man for the task.
Re-Mixed and Mastered by Bryan Sansom

Bryan Sansom's Portfolio Part 2: Post Production

Forward 13: Waking Up The American Dream (trailer)

Bryan took the lead on the sound sweetening (Post Production Audio Mixing) on Forward 13.
The editor approached Bryan and his team in part because of the great work that they did on Under Armour Presents Ridge Reaper season 1.
Bryan Sansom Audio Lead, Trevor Van Soolen Audio assistant and Andrew Keele was the production intern

Forward 13: Waking Up The American Dream (clip)

This clip from the movie was edited after the fact, but the audio is a representation of the work Bryan and his team put into Forward 13

Forward 13: Waking Up The American Dream (clip)

This clip is a representation of the restoration and mixing of the team.

Forward 13: Waking Up The American Dream (clip)

Another Clip from Forward 13. The documentary is available in 5.1 surround sound.

Ridge Reaper Season 1

Bryan and his team tackled season 1 of the thrilling series Ridge Reaper that airs on the Outdoor Channel
This television series tested creative boundaries as well as the skills of the audio team.
Each episode represents hours of work dialog leveling, editing and mixing.
Audio lead and mixer Bryan Sansom. Dialog levelers and editors Trevor Van Soolen and Eric Limburg.

Sizzler Commercial

This is a Pre CALM act spot. Done in conjunction with Millquas Productions Bryan created the mix and the dialog for the spot.

This is a small representation of my portfolio

Bryan has spent countless hours in the studio perfecting his craft.
He has recorded live performances, audio books, radio shows and more TV and Movie releases as well.
If there is something further you are looking for please contact Bryan.
Thank you for taking your time to review the contents of this page as well as your consideration Bryan Sansom and 8747 Productions as a candidate in your program. I look forward to working with you soon!